Alert to Pet Owners of Potential Vitamin D Toxicity From Dog Food

Since early November, the FDA has been alerting dog owners about several dog food brands with high levels of Vitamin D and we suspect more will be announced in the coming weeks. Too much Vitamin D can cause serious health issues in dogs such as kidney failure and even death.

There are 11 brands with a total of 25 products included in these recalls.  We have previously announced all of these recalls here and in the Safe Pet Treats app but have provided a summary of all the recalls below.

All of the products listed have already been added to the SafePet Treats app. Be sure to download the app and enable push notifications so that you can receive instant alerts the next time a product is recalled.

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Brand/Product list of recalls:

· Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food in 4 lb, 14 lb, and 24 lb bags
· ANF Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food in 3 kg and 7.5 kg bags
· ELM Chicken and Chickpea Recipe in 3 lb, 28 lb, and 40 lb bags
· Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food 14 lb and 28 lb bags
· Natural Life Pet Products Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food in 17.5 lb bags
· Nature’s Place Real Country Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food in 5 lb and 15 lb bags
· Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food in 4 lb, 14 lb, and 28 lb bags
· Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food in 4 lb, 15 lb, and 28 lb bags
· Orlando Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food
· Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food in 40 lb bags
· Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food in 3.5 lb, 16 lb, and 30 lb bags

Click here for the FDA Alert.



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